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“Hello, I’m Jason, one of the co-founders of Rhodon Films. First and foremost, a warm welcome to Rhodon Films. Please enjoy this film I made to give you an idea what we do. I recorded it personally to underscore the personalised service that defines our brand. So, please pardon any quirks in my presentation skills and my fondness for house plants.”

Featured Videos


Vangard, founded by armed forces veterans, sought a video to showcase their solar mission but lacked marketing expertise. We stepped in, conducting market research to understand solar trends and crafted a powerful video that resonates with the audience.

Our collaboration birthed a compelling video that not only highlights Vangard’s solar solutions but also captivates. Beyond the video, we curated engaging social media content, driving traffic to their website.


Launching soon, Potentialisation is set to transform personal and organisational development by harnessing cutting-edge science. Our impactful film, featuring interviews with physiology leaders, addresses global challenges and outlines solutions. The full video is over 20 minutes long, but we’ve distilled its essence into short, compelling adverts for social media channels.

Our easy 4 step process

1. Contract

For our video newcomers, we’re here to demystify the potential of video. Our focus is on helping you understand how video can drive growth and tackle specific challenges, from elevating sales to enhancing staff retention.

2. Pre-Production
3. Production

On the filming day, our primary objective is to ensure performers are as relaxed as possible because we believe that a relaxed atmosphere enhances the quality of their performance. We recognise that the film is a valuable asset for their business, and to support this goal, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible.

4. Post Production

After editing, adding music, and applying the colour grade, we present the film to our clients for feedback. We believe in a collaborative approach and don’t finalise the delivery until all parties are completely satisfied.

Boost your business on social media with video.

Social media algorithms favour video content, leading to higher visibility in users’ feeds.
Well-produced videos convey professionalism, enhancing brand trust.
Videos effectively convey brand stories, products, and emotions, fostering a stronger connection.
High-quality videos capture attention and boost likes, comments, and shares.

Product videos

A product video allows you to visually highlight the features and benefits of your product, providing potential customers with a clear understanding of what sets it apart.


Enhance your events with our premium video services, creating an immersive experience that elevates your brand and leaves lasting memories for both organisers and attendees.

Corporate &
Promotional Videos.

A product video allows you to visually highlight the features and benefits of your product, providing potential customers with a clear understanding of what sets it apart.

Why Rhodon Films?

We rock the stats

We look at the figures and suggest video to solve problems.

Super competitive pricing

Big brand quality video at SME budgets

Prioritise creativity

We combine storytelling skills with data backed marketing

Personalised strategies

We create a customised video strategy just for you.

Here are sector-specific case studies

Hotels and Restaurants
Video Marketing
Software & SaaS

Rhodon’s promise

At our core, trust is paramount. We recognise that selecting a business partner goes beyond a mere transaction – for us, it marks the inception of a lasting relationship.

  • Understand the motivation for film
  • No matter the size of the job, our commitment is the same
  • If we think a job is a waste of your time and money, we will tell you
  • We will look to bring fresh ideas and approach to every project
  • We dont forget about you, we offer re-edits years after the original film

What we offer

Interview-Based Videos
Scripted Videos
Corporate Videos
Non-Profit Videos
Documentary Style Videos
Teleprompter Videos
Band Promo Videos
Videos Played at Galas
Profile Videos

Virtual DIY Performance
No Voice Videos
Zoom-Based Videos
Voice-Over Narration Videos
Videos with Actors
Sizzle Reels
Social Media Video Content
Update Videos
Landing Page Videos

Conference/Seminar Videos Educational Videos
Corporate Social Responsibility
Videos Featuring Children
Videos Featuring Animals
Customer Testimonial Videos
About Us Videos
Motion Graphics

What people say about us

John Twigge


In the past I have seen enough to know that trying to do any kind of filming in house tends to produce something that is very amateurish.  I can’t even compare what Rhodon films have done for us with what I have seen before, the quality of their work belongs on TV or the big screen.

Debbie Cowley


Jason and Paul (Rhodon’s Founders) were fantastic to work with. They committed the time to really understand our organisation and what we wanted to achieve with the video. They were amazing with our service users as well and skilled at making people feel relaxed and open in front of the camera. We had a tight deadline, which they met with time to spare! Thanks again.

Darren Ward

Cheshire Smokehouse

Everything was great! The video was stunning, the team was really easy to work with. Really, it couldn’t have been a better working relationship, at an amazing price, and the product is being so well received. Your staff are brilliant and a pleasure to work with.

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