Transform Your Business with Compelling Video that Captivate and Converts Your Audience.

Transform your sales process with our unique approach to video production. At Rhodon Films, we understand that every company has its own special qualities. Imagine being able to showcase your unique selling proposition (USP) to potential customers even before the first contact. With our professional video production services, we capture and highlight your distinctive strengths on film. By presenting your USP visually, we give you a significant advantage, ensuring potential customers are already further down the sales process when they engage with you. Let us bring your unique qualities to life through captivating videos that make a lasting impression.

“Hello, I’m Jason, one of the co-founders of Rhodon Films. First and foremost, a warm welcome to Rhodon Films. Here’s a quick overview of our services. I recorded the footage personally to underscore the personalised service that defines our brand. So, please pardon any quirks in my presentation skills and my fondness for house plants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.”


Homepage Content

Video is the most powerful tool you can have on your website, no other medium can deliver the same amount of information about your brand at the same time.

Video as part of an outreach program

Video on social media is the perfect way to find new customers, establish a brand image and fight misconceptions. Hashtags, with scheduling software, turn your post into a salesperson working 24/7.

Unleash Video Power: Elevate Your Performance with a Free Consultation!

Discover the video potential for your brand or organisation, boosting revenue, website conversions, and outreach. Get expert guidance in a complimentary consultation.

Just buy the coffee!”

Here are sector specific case studies


High-end corporate videos, from concept, development to script, shooting, editing, music, colour correction and delivery.

Hotels and Restaurants

In hospitality, videos are key to showcasing your uniqueness. Our Blue Chip experience ensures brand safety. Versatile formats for social media are included.


We understand the psychology of film and create high-end films that generate the emotions you’re after.

Video Marketing

Turn Social Media into an opportunity, with high quality posts to impress. 


We offer filming before, during and after, the event. We also offer Time-Lapse, promotional and social media videos. 

Software & SaaS

Convince Potential Clients to Integrate Your Software with a Promotional Video Showcasing Your Expertise

Boost your business with social media.

Target specific demographics based on age, location, and interests.

Stay top-of-mind with customers through regular engaging posts.

Discover new markets and revenue streams.

Test new products and services in real time.


Social media for Business professionals

Facebook & Instagram

Professionals and the general public

TikTok & Reels

General public, becoming more business orientated

Impress Visitors to your website, with Sector-Specific Video Banners at an Unbeatable Value

Take your first step into video, enhance your business website and captivate your audience with our sector-specific video banners. Our professional video production services are tailored to your brand’s unique needs and goals, and priced at an unbeatable £150.

Cheshire Smokehouse

Showcase Your Work in a Montage: The Perfect Addition to Your Website and Social Media

Corporate & Promotional Videos.

Boost Your business’s Online Presence with a Professional Promotional or corporate Video from Our Team.

Set the Record Straight

How to Fight Misconceptions About Your Industry

Our promise to you

Video can be complicated and expensive if you don’t get the right advice from the start. We ensure, as your guide, that all the below are covered on every project.

  • WHY? Understand the motivation for film
  • Quality. No matter the size of the job, our commitment is the same
  • Expertise. If we think a job is a waste of your time and money, we will tell you
  • Creativity. We will look to bring fresh ideas and approach to every project
  • Professionalism . We dont forget about you, we offer re-edits years after the original film

What we offer

Interview-Based Videos
Scripted Videos
Corporate Videos
Non-Profit Videos
Documentary Style Videos
Teleprompter Videos
Band Promo Videos
Videos Played at Galas
Profile Videos

Virtual DIY Performance
No Voice Videos
Zoom-Based Videos
Voice-Over Narration Videos
Videos with Actors
Sizzle Reels
Social Media Video Content
Update Videos
Landing Page Videos

Conference/Seminar Videos Educational Videos
Corporate Social Responsibility
Videos Featuring Children
Videos Featuring Animals
Customer Testimonial Videos
About Us Videos
Motion Graphics

What’s so special about Video?

How Big Brands use Video.

Why you should add video to your home page

Why video is better than text.

What people say about us

John Twigge


In the past I have seen enough to know that trying to do any kind of filming in house tends to produce something that is very amateurish.  I can’t even compare what Rhodon films have done for us with what I have seen before, the quality of their work belongs on TV or the big screen.

Debbie Cowley


Jason and Paul (Rhodon’s Founders) were fantastic to work with. They committed the time to really understand our organisation and what we wanted to achieve with the video. They were amazing with our service users as well and skilled at making people feel relaxed and open in front of the camera. We had a tight deadline, which they met with time to spare! Thanks again.


Cheshire Smokehouse

Everything was great! The video was stunning, the team was really easy to work with. Really, it couldn’t have been a better working relationship, at an amazing price and the product is being so well received, your staff are brilliant and a pleasure to work with.

Your corporate video guide

Not every business can afford professional video production, so we have produced explainer videos to help them get the most out of the medium.

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