We love to help your Events Company stand out.

Video production by Rhodon films for events is the perfect way to get your message across, reach new customers, and make sure your clients are getting the best experience possible. When you hire us, we’ll bring our expertise and experience in video production for events to ensure that your team has everything it needs to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We’re here to help you improve brand perception, build a stronger client relationship, and expand your customer reach—all while making sure that your team gets the best possible experience on the job.

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Video Options

Promotional Video

Show off previous events, to build excitement for future ones

Opening Video

Send people who have
booked a thank you from
the organiser, explaining
why you created the
event and attractions to
look out for.

Recap Video

Show off how well your
event went, with a simple
montage of people
enjoying themselves


Show off to clients, how
the event went from plain
space to glorious events


Promote services, showcase event setup and progression and as a record for their clients.

Time-Lapse & Montage

Two in one, we start with a Time-Lapse then show how the product can add fun to an event.


Here’s another example of how we can do a time-lapse to inspire your customers .

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Your corporate video guide

Not every business can afford professional video production, so we have produced explainer videos to help them get the most out of the medium.