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When looking for an estate agent in the UK, people look for qualities such as honesty and integrity, strong communication and negotiation skills, extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, and the ability to effectively market and promote properties.

At our company, we strive to showcase the key qualities that clients look for in an estate agent through our short film. We kick off the film with a strong statement and visually striking images of properties at the price point we aim to attract, to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. Our film maintains a professional yet relaxed aesthetic to promote a sense of trust and approachability. We also feature an image of our agent with his dogs to emphasise that he is a relatable person.

Estate Agent Promotional Film

This video showcases an estate agent and the property company Fine & Country.

Property Video

Here is an example of property tour video, we used a Drone, shot in 4k and added a few special effects

Why video is changing how estate agents operate

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most successful ways for estate agents to reach potential prospects and build their brands. With videos, estate agents can deliver engaging, informative, and interactive insights into the homes they’re selling quickly and easily, helping them stand out from the competition.

Videos can also attract more visits to an estate agent’s website, which can lead to an increase in leads. Furthermore, by providing a memorable customer experience, estate agents can ensure that their potential buyers and sellers have the best impression possible of them and the properties they’re offering.

What can we offer

We offer video tours of properties as well as promotional film for the agent.


We use the latest professional camera equipment, no iphone footage.


Our stylist dresses tv adverts and sets. This enables him to work with the camera and course the minimum amount of disruption.

Drone footage

We offer drone footage within the grounds of the property


We can supply Models, florists or any other requirement to make even the most luxurious property standout.

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Your corporate video guide

If you need to shoot your own video, here are some tips to help you.